Here are pages for some of the software projects I have worked on.

  • My dissertation is a system currently under development that aims to help programmers analyze their programs for numerical inaccuracies introduced by floating-point arithmetic. The ultimate goal is to make recommendations about the necessary level of precision for individual routines. (OPEN SOURCE – LGPLv3)
  • The Peripheral Brain allows a non-technical user to create a collection of cross-linked rich-text articles and indices, which can be saved in HTML format for use on a mobile device. It’s rather like a cross between a WYSIWYG word processor and a wiki. The program design was originally created by Dr. John Timmons, M.D., and I implemented it in Java. (COMMERCIAL, $15)
  • DevJournal is a cross-platform tool for programmers that helps them be more purposeful and reflective about their work by tracking their edits and allowing them to save a collated, annotated history of their work session. (OPEN SOURCE – GPLv3)
  • BRISC provides a framework for texture feature extraction and similarity comparison of computed tomography (CT) lung nodule images. It was written in C# .NET 2.0 using Visual Studio .NET 2005 and is designed to be functional and extensible. (OPEN SOURCE – GPLv2)

There are a couple more of my older projects on my old website.

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