Class Projects


During the Spring 2008 semester, I took CMSC 734 (Information Visualization) with Dr. Ben Shneiderman. I was in a group of five students who did a project with the SUSA (State of the USA) project. We implemented several methods of exploring uncertain data in a Java application, with the goal of informing novice users about the realities of statistical uncertainty.


  • A. Daken, E. Dogruel, J. Grimes, M. Lam, and T. Lotze. “Uncertainty for the Novice; Fuzz: A Visualization Toolkit.” Report. 8 May 2008. (PDF)

During the Fall 2007 semester, I took CMSC 711 (Networks) with Dr. Neil Spring. My final project for was a joint effort between myself and two other graduate students: Kyle King and Aaron Schulman. We proposed a new method of service identification to replace well-known ports.


  • K. King, M. Lam and A. Schulman. “Decoupling Port and Protocol in Internet Applications.” Report. 14 Dec 2007. (PDF)


As a class project during my senior year at JMU, I prepared a report concerning student use of open source software on the JMU campus. This study was done with the approval of the JMU Institutional Review Board and documents student responses to a online survey, as well as research concerning actual usage statistics on lab computers.


  • M. Lam. “Student Open Source Use on the JMU Campus.” JMU Unix Users Group. November 2006. (PDF)

I also did a semester-long research project on the home education culture in the United Kingdom. As part of this project, I interviewed several UK home educators and contrasted the culture they described with that of home schoolers in the United States.


  • M. Lam. “Autonomous Non-conformism: Home Education in the United Kingdom.” 27 March 2007. (PDF)
  • M. Lam. “Home Education ‘Across the Pond.'” 20 April 2007. (PDF)

During my junior year, I prepared a review paper concerning the Therac-25 radiation therapy machine malfunctions, relating these failures to the topics discussed in my software engineering class.


  • M. Lam. “The Therac-25: A Concise Overview.” 12 November 2004. (PDF)

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