In high school, I did a few science projects in computer science, comparing compiler efficiency and writing an LL(1) parser (before I even knew what they were). These projects were obviously not original research, but my interest in interesting computer science problems began to pull me in that direction over the following years.

In undergrad, I did a summer research program in medical imaging and content-based image retrieval, and my group published several papers on our work. During my senior year I worked as a student programmer for a 3d graphics framework development effort. I was also on the school programming team and participated in several ACM contests.

In graduate school, I have done class projects in the areas of programming languages, high-performance computing systems, networking, and information visualization.

I am currently working in the high-performance computing group on correctness tools for analyzing floating-point code at runtime. I have added brief descriptions and paper links for my projects on this page, and I have organized them as follows:



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