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DevJournal 1.0.0

I’ve been working on a simple utility to help me be more efficient and purposeful while programming, and I’ve decided to release it open-source. I’ve created a SourceForge page as well as the official website on this blog. If you’re … Continue reading

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The community has been reorganized as The Document Foundation, and the software is now tentatively called LibreOffice. Check out their FAQ here. Novell, Google, Red Hat, and Canonical are on board. Missing so far (as far as I can … Continue reading

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New website host

I finally decided that I’ve had enough of P4Host’s frequent outages, lack of Subversion support, and absurd 200MB storage limit. After a bit of searching, I found WebFaction and decided to give them a try. All things considered, the move … Continue reading

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Nintendo press conference at E3

I took notes while watching the Nintendo E3 presentation online and decided to post them here in case anyone’s interested. Highlights: new Zelda (“Skyward Sword”), GoldenEye for Wii, new DS console (3DS) Missing: Wii HD

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Cowabunga for the iPhone

Today I’d like to review a game for the iPhone/iPod Touch that my wife Lindsay originally introduced to me. It’s called Cowabunga, and although I’ve only played the “free” version so far, the game has proven to be one of … Continue reading

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ESV iPhone app

I wanted to amend my earlier post on iPhone Bible apps, and plug the following app, which is a custom reader for the popular ESV translation. The interface is very nice, providing full searching and cross-reference/footnote capabilities, and it also … Continue reading

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