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Anti-PIPA Blackout

I just wanted to mention that tomorrow (Jan. 18) this blog will be participating in the anti-PIPA blackout. As a liberty-minded individual, I am often disturbed by the dangerously invasive legislation passed by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. … Continue reading

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All those Maes and Macs

In doing some research about loans and savings accounts, I became confused about all the “Maes” and “Macs” floating around, so I compiled a list that succinctly states their origin, purpose, and current level of entanglement with the US federal … Continue reading

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Excellent spam

My recent post on “orchestra scoreboards” has provoked a lot of discussion on other blogs, and it has spiked the amount of spam comments to my blog. Thankfully, WordPress has pretty effective comment moderation policies, and it hasn’t been a … Continue reading

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Humble Indie Bundle #2

The second Humble Indie Bundle was released earlier today. You name your own price, get five DRM-free cross-platform games from independent developers, and some of the proceeds go to charity. Check it out!

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