2nd Generation

Observation: I haven’t posted in a very long time. I could make excuses involving my research, my dissertation, or any number of other things, but I’ll just skip that step and try to charge right into posting again. Nothing major today, just a couple thoughts from a survey I just completed about “2nd generation” people such as myself who were raised in religiously strict and politically conservative households.

I have observed a current movement towards religious conservatism and social liberalism among 2nd gen young adults. Many of our friends were raised in theologically weak but socially strict upbringings, and have gravitated towards theologically strong denominations (PCA, specifically) and socially liberal politics.

We view homeschooling as a good option but not a panacea, we don’t believe in young-earth creationism, we drink wine and beer at our social events, we sometimes vote democratic/Libertarian/Green, and we are often more theologically strict (Calvinism, church liturgy, etc.) than our parents. We shy away from strong evangelism, “witnessing,” or protesting, and prefer to influence society through quieter means. We plan to send our children to “regular” public/private institutions and not sequester them in “Christian” schools.

Our parents reacted to the secularization of the 60s and 70s by retreating into the “Christian ghetto,” and our generation has reacted to this by tentatively stepping back into secular world while doing our best to remain firmly grounded in what we view as the essentials of our faith.

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