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Due to some unfortunate blog spam on some earlier posts, I have been forced to restrict posting comments on this blog to members-only. I really did not want to do this, because I want everyone to be able to post comments freely. Unfortunately, it seems that this blog has found its way onto a spammer’s list, and I am not immune to their scripts. It took me some time to manually erase the hundreds of spam messages that it has posted (and some legitimate messages were lost in the process). PLEASE do not think that I don’t want you *real* people out there to comment anymore–please go ahead and register a member’s account (there’s also a link under “Login” on the left) and keep posting. I regret the nuisance and the extra effort that this will put you to, but that’s the price that decent people pay for the encroachment of those who are less thoughtful. 🙁

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