The Discipling of Mytra

I just finished reading The Discipling of Mytra, a “Christian sci-fi” novel by Rich Coffeen. My campus minister thought I might find it interesting (he was aware of it because the author is a pastor in the PCA denomination), and he was quite correct. From a literary perspective, I found the numerous theological diversions to be a bit distracting, and I felt the ending sort of fizzled out. However, from a philosophical perspective, I found it very intriguing. It experiments with many interesting concepts, such as the existence of “Christian AI,” the religious status of cyborgs, the relative importance of pre-evangelism, and idealistic homosexuality, all while communicating an almost overwhelming amount of reformed theology and telling a marginally interesting sci-fi story. If anyone else has read it (or reads it as a result of this post), let me know.

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