Nintendo press conference at E3

I took notes while watching the Nintendo E3 presentation online and decided to post them here in case anyone’s interested.

Highlights: new Zelda (“Skyward Sword”), GoldenEye for Wii, new DS console (3DS)

Missing: Wii HD

First 20 minutes was the new Zelda: “Skyward Sword.” Looks like a combo of Zelda and swordfighting from Wii Sports Resort. Uses Wii Motion Plus and more “natural” controls. Lots of glitches in the demo (wireless interference or sensor failure?). Unclear whether new control scheme will be ultimately fun or frustrating.

Next 15 minutes was broken up into many 2-minute segments:

New game: Mario Sports Mix. Includes volleyball, ice hockey, dodgeball, and basketball with Mario characters.

Defense of Wii sales figures and “intermediate” games (Mario Kart and Brothers).

New game: Wii Party. Like Mario party except with Wii characters. 13 different game modes w/ 70+ mini-games.

New game: Just Dance from Ubisoft. Multiplayer. Looks like rock band for dancing. Similar to dancing games on PS3 and Xbox.

Update on previously announced new game: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for DS. Fantasy group RPG with 2D graphics. Doesn’t seem too groundbreaking.

New game: Goldeneye!!! Exclusively for Wii, with 8 characters from Bond films. Many different game modes. Slightly updated graphics, but retains classic look. Available this holiday season.

Next large segment (~10 min) was about a new Disney game: Epic Mickey. 3d adventure/platform game exclusive to Wii. Main new game mechanic: “painting” and “erasing.” Players can change the game world dynamically; “play-style matters.” Borrows game stages from lots of old Disney cartoons.

Next was a few more 2-minute segments:

New game: Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Fabric-based 2d platformer. Looks like Paper Mario except with strings, zippers, and paint. To be released this fall.

New game: Dragon Quest 9 for DS. Multiplayer-based. 120 mini-quests, 300 monsters, 900 items, infinite generated treasure maps. To be released July 11.

New game: Metroid Other M. No longer exclusively first-person; seems to include platforming and third-person screens as well. To be released August 31.

New game: Donkey Kong. 2d platformer with 3d-rendered graphics (like New Super Mario Brothers).

20 minutes on new console: Nintendo 3DS. Based on DS hardware, but with 3d widescreen (but not touch) on the top screen. Variable 3d effect with slider to adjust. Includes new analog control pad, internal accelerometer/gyroscope, and two cameras (for 3d picture-taking). Can also play 3d movies from Disney, WB, and DreamWorks. Automatically networks with wifi access points and other 3DS consoles to download content.

New game for 3DS (Project Sora): Kid Icarus: Uprising. 3d adventure game.

New game for 3DS: Nintendogs (+ cats).

New games under development for 3DS: DJ Hero, Kingdom Hearts, Madden NFL, Resident Evil, Batman, Ridge Racer, Assasin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid.

Live playable 3DS consoles and Wii with Zelda for show attendees.

EDIT: Although I didn’t hear it mentioned explicitly in the presentation, there is indeed a new Star Fox game, but it’s for the 3DS (screenshots on Nintendo’s website). There also seem to be new versions of Mario Kart and Paper Mario for the 3DS. Not sure if any of these will also be released for the Wii.

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