Quick update

Yes, folks, there is life after marriage. 🙂 After a very nice ceremony and reception, we hung out with friends and family for a day or two and then took a few days’ vacation at an excellent bed & breakfast on the eastern shore. We are now back at our apartment in Greenbelt, adjusting to a routine that is some ways very familiar (classes, research, and concerts) and in some ways very different (reconciling schedules, sharing a bed, getting each other’s colds).

We are becoming increasingly involved in both Reformed University Fellowship and Wallace Presbyterian Church, and we look forward to serving in both of these congregations over the coming year. Lindsay is still a double bass performance major (1.5 years until graduation!) and I am still in the Ph.D program (which means that no one knows when I will graduate!). 😛

I’d like to get back into the habit of posting interesting things, but figured I needed a short update post to bridge the gap between “wedding day” and “[insert religious/political/computer science issue here]”. So here’s to a blessed school year of growing with each other in Christ, and hopefully more blog posts! 🙂

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