56th Inauguration

Just got back from the craziness that was inauguration ceremony. Lindsay and I got up at 5am this morning (yikes!) and caught the green line metro to L’Enfant Plaza. I have to say, the crowd control seemed to be pretty well-managed and we found it quite easy to meander around the crowded areas. We wandered around the mall until part-way through Obama’s speech, and then we headed home in the hopes of getting out before the crowds hit the metro stations. We were only partially successful, because there was some confusion at L’Enfant and we ended up walking around the capital to Union and taking the red line out to Fort Totten.

Lindsay at Inauguration

In general, though, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected. Rick Warren’s prayer was quite decent and the actual ceremony was nice and brief. I was disappointed that the entire crowd on the mall boo’ed George W. Bush–I thought it was disrespectful and general bad form to boo the outgoing president. All in all, though, a very nice experience. I certainly don’t agree with President Obama on all (or even most) issues, but I wish him the very best and will be praying for his term in office.

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