Still Alive

I’m doing science and I’m still alive! (don’t get it?) Yes, folks, the Free Arrow is still flying true, all evidence to the contrary aside. I’ve been going through one of my “ignore-the-blog” cycles for the past month or two, so hopefully now I can go through the corresponding “manic-guilty-mass-posting” cycle.

Anyway, the graduate studies are going well and I’ve join recently joined a research team. Theoretically, this means that I’ll have some real research to talk about at some point. I’m back in Maryland after an awesome winter break, my new office cubicle is much larger than my previous one, and classes start for my second semester in a week! Good times. Apparently the cake is not entirely a lie…well, either that or it’s a darn good lie (hmmm…I feel a philosophical post coming on…). 😀

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