Has anyone ever told you that grad school is a lot of work? If not, let me do the honors: grad school is freaking insane. Next week I have 4 hours of teaching/lecturing, 4 hours of tutoring (office hours), a presentation, and a project due–and I leave on Saturday for OOPSLA ’07 in Montreal. Crazy. Stressful. Fun. Awesome. Oh, and on a more serious note: teaching is amazing. I guess there’s sort of the altruistic “oh, I’m training the next generation” idea that most people claim to appreciate, but personally I just enjoy the rush of standing in front of an audience in a position of academic authority and discussing complex ideas. Yeah, most students don’t really care, but there are always a few in each section that make it well worth the effort. If you’ve never taught at the university level, you have no idea what you’re missing. 😉

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  1. mikesmom says:

    You’re doing a great job! Hang in there and enjoy the days — I’m praying for you.

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