I feel so completely different now

For three years, I have been old enough (according to our government) to purchase cigarettes, to own a firearm, to have consensual sex, and to serve in our nation’s armed forces. I shall decline to comment on whether I have actually done any of these things. 🙂

Now I have crossed yet another threshold. Today I find myself able to legally buy and consume alcoholic beverages. Apparently I was too young yesterday, but today I’m old enough. I’m not really sure what changed over the night, but I suppose SOMETHING must have. Otherwise, the drinking age would be just another arbitrary, meaningless restriction on personal freedom, right? Hmmmmmm………… 😛

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One Response to I feel so completely different now

  1. jmagnotti says:

    What makes you older is your ability to think about being older. That’s it, sorry. Happy Birthday 🙂

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