N64 Newb

Important fact: my family never owned a single console game system while I was growing up. In fact, they still don’t. So over the past few days my siblings and I have been experiencing the joy of “discovering” for the first time some of the old console games like Perfect Dark, GoldenEye 007, and Mario Kart, courtesy of the modern emulator Project 64. I’ve also been playing through The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time, which I must admit is a pretty fun game. We had a pair of Staitek game pads that I bought as Christmas presents for my brothers to use on Lego Star Wars, and they seem to work pretty well for the N64 games, too. I’ve also just ordered a new cordless Logitech RumblePad so that I can have one myself. 🙂 I still prefer the mouse & keyboard for “real” first-person shooters, 😉 although this business of “auto-aim” does partially make up for the clumsiness of aiming with your thumb. We’ve had a lot of fun with Perfect Dark on cooperative mode. Anyway…does anyone have any other favorites from the NES/SNES/N64 era that I should check out?

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  1. duck says:

    You might want to check out Superman for the N64. Gamespot has this gem to say about it:

    It serves no purpose other than to firmly establish the bottom of the barrel.

    As far a good games go, the only one I really played from that era was goldeneye. Though I hear some of the other Bonds for N64 were decent.

  2. kris says:

    Super Smash Brothers is critical. A simple, fast paced fighter. I still have yet to find a more fun group game.

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