Happy Mother’s Day!

[insert your-mom joke here] 😉

I was originally going to share a bit about the origins of Mother’s Day, but it’s kind of convoluted so I’ll just give you a link to Mother’s Day Central and let you read it for yourself. That aside, I’d like to say a bit about how amazing my Mom is. Although she graduated from the University of Virginia engineering school (mechanical engineering), she chose a different (“more challenging,” in her words) profession: full-time mom. Her engineer’s predisposition still manifests itself in nearly every aspect of her household, however, and she is currently raising and home schooling five children aged 4 to 17. All my life I have watched her juggle home making, home schooling, church activities, and financial planning, simultaneously achieving success in every area while providing inspiration and encouragement to others. From those agonizing, torturous nights in the hospital and afterwards, to the slow, plodding years of elementary, middle, and high school, she has remained a constant source of motivation, comfort, and help. Thank you, Mom, for your dedication, self-sacrifice, and love. You’re AWESOME. 😀

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  1. mikesmom says:

    Thanks! I’ll always love you – even as a Terp ; )

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